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Evolution, care and cleaning of our natural leather handbags

Handbags are made with a high quality natural leather treated and tanned in a vegetal way, which gives it a great part of its beauty.


This is noticeable to the touch, to the eye and even in the way of evolving with use, since time makes them age in a natural way that makes them even more beautiful.

However, it is important to emphasize that noble materials are more delicate and must be taken care of more carefully than artificial ones.

Everyone knows that a wooden floor is one of the most beautiful and elegant that can be enjoyed in a home, and that with the use every time they are more welcoming, but also that they require a more careful treatment. Something similar happens to natural leather handbags, which require more care because they can be stained and scratched more easily, especially with the nails, and for this reason we must be especially careful when opening them.

Do not worry much when the first scratches appear with the use. Its normal. They are made of natural leather treated in a vegetal way, which gives them their flexibility and durability, but at the same time it makes them soft and pleasant to the touch and that makes them more porous since they can stain or grate more easily than made with synthetic materials or even with plasticized or lacquered leather.

With the passage of time it is discovered that these leather bags evolve well and that it ages naturally without losing beauty, because the natural leather is a living element, a true reflection of your lived experiences.

There is nothing more beautiful than a used and worn leather handbag, that has accompanied its owner in so many good moments, as a faithful companion of all her experiences.

As advice to extend your life and preserve its beauty, color and flexibility, in we recommend the following:

1.- Handle them with some care and with clean hands, since being a natural material they are very susceptible to the absorption of fats and oils. Special attention not to damage them with their own nails , especially in opening or closing operations.

2.- They must be stored in a cloth bag when they are not going to be used to protect them. And if you see that they are going to spend several days without use, it is best to fill them with papers to prevent them from becoming deformed.

3.- Although they are not dirty, it is advisable to moisturize them a couple of times a year with a white cotton cloth and Nivea or a leather conditioner, to keep them soft and flexible. Then a clean cloth must be passed to prevent clogging of the pores.

4.- Due to its porosity, this type of leather is very affected by water, leaving stains or marks in the form of drops, so special care must be taken with rain . They should not get wet, but if this happens the first thing to do is dry it immediately with a cloth or cotton handkerchief, without rubbing and without using any source of heat, leaving after it is finished drying in the air. To recover the original flexibility it is best to apply a conditioning cream, but it will not remove the marks in their entirety.

5.- In case of stains of oil , blood or food, they should be cleaned as soon as possible. Most of the time it can be fixed using an absorbent material such as talcum powder. To do this, cover the stain with the powder and let it rest for a few hours. Then remove the powder with a very soft brush and a clean, soft cloth.

6.- It is advisable to introduce the cosmetics and / or pens inside a small toiletry bag as this will avoid more than one scare.


A good leather bag is always a safe investment both for its beauty and for its touch, which has to remain in the closet for many seasons, and that is why it is very advisable to take care of the investment that has been made by treating it with care and taking care of it. it deserves.

The Colorful Collection of Leather Handbags

The new Collection put on the market online is called Colorful and is an edition of leather bags of colors, very varied and of very high quality.


Manufactured in an artisan way as it is tradition in all the products of the brand, and that includes handbags Light blue, red, green and orange leather.

At they are aware that “Life is Light and Color” and aware of this they have developed this colorful collection designed for those moments in which the woman wants to give a touch of brightness and light to her look, giving color to life. It is a very striking and cheerful collection because it integrates color and design in bags, maintaining the quality of cowhide as raw material, which are the hallmarks of the brand.

Quality, design, craftsmanship and color together in this collection of leather bags that are also customizable for free by recording the initials of the owner, making them unique objects for each woman.

The most important objective of the Colorful Collection of is to fight the monotony with bold colors, giving joy to the most neutral outfits and achieving a casual, fun and modern look.

Keep in mind that the energy of the colors of our clothes and accessories influences our own mood and reflects our mood and mood of the moment. The mind, body and spirit are intensely influenced by colors, some of which are stimulating and provide energy while others calm and relax us.

In this sense, it can be said that the color red is an energetic, vital, friendly and antidepressant color. Dressing in red is a way of being the center of attention.

The blue color is calm and quiet in general, but also the light blue suggests a creative and sensitive nature, and also improves the problems of insomnia.

Orange is stimulating and happy, and restores interest in life by transforming the spirit, being antidepressant as well.

Green is the color of nature and vegetation and for this same reason it is associated with tranquility, harmony and with the pleasant and healthy, and also for all this symbolizes hope and money.

Handbags made of leather

A good handbag made of leather or suede handmade by the best leather from Spain.


Beautiful by nature and design, would not be a perfect gift if it was not accompanied by a good presentation and packaging.


At they take this fact into account and for that reason they take special care of the wrapping and packaging process in such a way that a safe transport for this precious merchandise is obtained, at the same time as a presentation in accordance with the jewel it contains.


All the suede and leather handbags from the are handmade by experienced artisans from the leather goods industry, thus achieving the extra quality required by the clients of this brand.


The perfect complement to the quality of a craft bag in this category is its presentation and packaging, so that in addition to protecting it during the transport process, it offers a good image to who receives it. Robustness and delicacy simultaneously.


In the current promotion, customers have the service of packaging and shipping to your home for free for purchases whose total amount exceeds € 100.


Once an order is received at , the first thing to do is print the label of the same, where the customer’s name appears, the shipping address, the model and color of the bag chosen, and the initials to be engraved on the bag. in case that option has been chosen. In that case, we proceed to engrave the initials, to fill the paper bag so that it does not deform and to insert it inside a protective plastic bag, which in turn is placed inside a cotton bag. This cotton bag will be the one that should be used later at home to store the bag for protection during times when it will be used little. Finally, the joint package is inserted in a cardboard box, in which the shipping label mentioned above adheres. At that time, instructions are given by internet to the transport company  for their collection and urgent delivery to any part of Spain or the world. From that moment the delivery to the customer is made in a maximum time of 24 working hours in case of shipments within the peninsula to Spain or Portugal, and 72 hours in case of shipments to France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg or Germany.

Handbag collection in Spain

These are handmade bags, “Made in Spain”, of incredible beauty both for its design and for the excellent quality and exclusive color of its leather.


A collection of unique bags in which you can also record the initials of the owner for free.

This collection of natural leather handbags are made with high quality natural leather, which gives them a great part of their beauty and that eventually ages them so that they become an increasingly beautiful piece. However, it is important to emphasize that noble materials, such as wood and natural leather, should be cared for more than artificial ones and that is why leather bags require more care since they can be stained and scratched. more easily, especially with the nails. Therefore, we must be especially careful when opening and closing them, and when there is a risk of splashing with oils or fats. It is also important to be careful in case of rain because being very porous, the water can leave its mark.

On the other hand, recommends that when the first marks of use appear, there is no need to worry excessively, as it is normal, since they are made of natural leather treated in a vegetal way, which gives them their flexibility, which at the same time makes them soft and pleasant to the touch, although this also causes them to be more porous and can stain or grate more easily than those made with synthetic leatherette or even with lacquered leather.

With the passage of time these leather bags age without losing their beauty, because the natural leather is a living element. There is nothing more beautiful than a used leather bag, that has accompanied its owner in so many good times, as a faithful companion of all her experiences.


In Handbags, the details do matter

The bag of a woman expresses her personality, without her saying anything, without her knowing …


Aware of this reality, they have designed a collection of bags that is characterized by using two types of exclusive and first class materials, leather and suede.

They are handbags manufactured with native leather from Spain, by hand, by expert manufacturers of leather goods since 1992, in which the details do matter, because they are the ones that make the difference, and those that turn a good leather bag into a bag unique and exclusive.

The buckles, the clasps, the straps, the brooches, the adornments, the tassels, all the details in short, are designed with the sole objective of obtaining the quality and beauty that make your leather and suede bags reflect their exclusivity.

One thing is certain and that is that the bag is an accessory that every woman always carries, all the time and in all kinds of circumstances … At night, during the day, at the movies, at work, going to a dinner or birthday a friend. That is why the choice of handbag is the most complicated to make.

According to the opinion of several professional women in the world of accessories it is important to know what to look for in order to buy a good bag, and in that sense there are four basic points to consider, which are design, quality, material and the details.

As for the design, what matters is that it is original, and that the form is attractive and practical, and above all that it is adequate for the function to be fulfilled in each case.

The quality is basic to give good image and to achieve a good durability.

The material also greatly influences the durability but also the beauty of the bag and the image that we transmit abroad. The skin remains the queen of comfort and durability and there are many ways to work and treat it. A leather bag, whether leather or suede, you have to take care of it, but it will last season after season.

And the details, … do matter. Do not rely on just buying an expensive or branded bag. You have to look carefully at the skin, how it is sewn, how the edges are finished, the inner lining, the fittings, the strap, the closure and all the finishing touches in general.

What Does the HandBag Have to Combine?

The bags can become the cornerstone of a look , which makes it stand out and with which to wear an impeccable wardrobe, according to each situation.

With which to combine the Leather Bag

The bags are authentic fetish objects, and even more so when they are of good quality, made with noble materials, such as Handbags, something that makes them even more valuable and durable. But to choose a Handbags bag, I have to know very well what style I want to wear , the image I want to project, and what is equally important, with what to combine it.

Not all Handbags bags are the same

It’s pretty obvious, but we do not always think about it. That a Handbags bag does not imply that it always has to go with a particular garment or fits only with a trend in fashion.

Nowadays Handbags bags are manufactured in different formats and models, designed for a special situation as well as for daily and active activity in large cities.

There are as many Handbags bags as there are lifestyles, a great variety that, of course, Jean Des Esseintes offers so that we can combine them correctly following some practical advice .

The Handbags bags that you will find in the bags shop

The first thing is to know how to differentiate some of the most general varieties that we have available, all of them proposals that you can carry on more than one occasion , because the Handbags bags are manufactured according to very high quality standards, something that gives them a long life ahead.

If you want to know what garments are best with each bag to complete the perfect outfit , you are in the right place. Keep reading and you will find many ideas and tricks.

The Handbag: an all-rounder

One of the bags that I do not give up practically never are Handbags style Handbags, always young and a safe bet both to go out and buy bread and to go to dinner with a group of friends.

They are equally well to complete a casual and comfortable look with dress and slippers to give a sexy touch to your outfit with tight jeans and ankle boots with a medium heel. Since there are so many colors, I can take it together with a Handbags jacket or a nice scarf or scarf around the neck.

Within the Handbags we also find another option that has taken force the last seasons: the suede school style, with a retro air thanks to the outer handles and rectangular pockets.

To the back-to-school bandoliers what is best for them is something that follows their same philosophy : dancers or flat shoes, skinny pants and a simple blouse. A student style that can be given a more feminine touch by changing the pants for a skirt of tablets , yes of the paintings, and add a jacket. Back to school!


Shopping bag: or how to go shopping

Desengáñate of his name, the shopping bag or shopping bag were not born just to go to the market far from it. They are a revolution that even the famous ones from all over the world have fallen in love with .

The maxi handbags are more fashionable than ever , and it is that they meet all the goals to be favorites: they are easy to carry thanks to their large handles , there are a thousand different models and styles: split Handbags, with snakeskin effect, with practical outer pockets and, most importantly, with a huge capacity that makes them really useful on many occasions : as a handbag for the airport, when we are visiting a city, or any day of errands.

They combine practically everything: from a winter look in the office with blouse, skirt, bushy stockings and maxi fur vest, a causal look of shopping in the city with leggings and a versase sweater, and even with an elegant dress pants with shoes Stilettos for a formal business meeting . In this last case, the shopping bag with snake engraving will give the total touch to styling and is also one of the novelties of the season.

Wallets of hand: sign of distinction in our bag shop

The handbags still have their audience , and although I just told you that the maxi handbags are the latest trend among celebrities, on great occasions you should never miss a good Handbags handbag .

We associate them with the “royals”, the great ladies of royalty, like Queen Elizabeth II, who does not separate from her handbag in any of the acts where her presence is required, but the handbags are not for nothing at odds with youth .

In fact, handbags are on the way to becoming a must when we want sobriety but without having to give up an urban style and simple . Combined with boyfriend jeans, flat flats and a blazer, the handbag becomes the perfect ally to get a fabulous day outfitting for a good restaurant.

It is not necessary that the bag be black. You can animate the outfit by choosing a red or yellow bag to give color and joy.

We analyze leather Handbags

In no woman’s wardrobe background may be missing, at least, a leather handbag .

Shoulder strap

It is a typical complement that we see every day and that combines in a very simple way with almost all kinds of looks.

The bandoliers are a ‘garment’ to wear more than we use in any comfort to carry our most necessary belongings. Its origin is far from the use that is given today, has gone from being a complement of war to one of fashion. Next we will talk much more about the origin of this complement, the details that can incorporate, to whom it is directed, some special model and much more …

Origin of bandoliers

The bandolier is defined in the dictionary of the RAE as a “strap that crosses the chest and back from one shoulder to the opposite hip and serves to hang something.” This was used in its origin, mainly hanging a weapon given its use in the military world several centuries ago. While it is true that the military route was not the only employee, as the bandoliers were used to carry any type of objects , but the use in war was the main one.

Although this type of bags has been used for centuries, it was not until the 70s when they really became fashionable as a complement when dressing. There were many women who wore on their shoulders a leather shoulder strap as a fashion accessory to carry their most important belongings by hand.

It is real that its use has not been so high since then as in that decade, but it is common to often see this type of leather accessories as a purse.

It should be noted that over the years its definition has seen something modified since it is not only used crossing, but many people hang it on the same shoulder .

Who uses the bandolier

Bandoleras, due to their small size, are mainly seen in women of simple style, who do not want to risk too much with their image. However, this is not as simple as it seems and it could be a convincing idea if the design of the bandoliers was always simple but it is not.

You can find leather bandoliers of any style , from the simplest models to the most colorful and different, and of course, you can also find very elegant bandoliers. For this last, the details in materials such as gold or silver metal are the main ones chosen to give a more impressive image.

Leather bandoliers in brown or black tones can also be seen in men. In the male sex is not the most usual use of bags to carry accessories as they fill their pockets with the objects they need, however, a small portion of men do use bags. When they have to choose between one type or another of this add-on, most opt ​​for bandoleras.

Details that incorporates a shoulder strap

The bandolier is made up of different parts that form it together.

On the one hand is the handle , which we can adjust to different heights depending on the height and the desire to place the bag at waist level, the hip, longer … The material for this portion can be metallic, in fabric or OK to combine both.

On the other side, we have the interior , a portion that is normally covered by textile so that the objects are covered. If your belongings were directly in contact with the back of the skin, it would be too aggressive for them, hence the reason for adding a textile portion.

The most common is that this part has different compartments , either using spacers or pockets in which to store the smallest objects.

Last but not least, on the contrary, there is the external part . In that portion is where the bandolier becomes an attraction for everyone. In this case we focus on skin bandoliers because it is one of the best, if not the best, material we can find.

Thanks to the use of this material, when purchasing a leather handbag, you will be buying a bag for ‘a lifetime’. If you take good care of your purchase, the bandolier can continue to be used as if it were newly purchased. Having a minimum of care when it comes to cleaning and when you are going to store for a season, you will have a bag for time .

An exclusive leather handbag model

In our bag shop, you can find different trendy leather bandoliers, but in this blog post we will focus on a special model: the padded leather handbag and double zipper .

It is a bandolier that you can find in beige, navy blue, broken white and black . Its metal chain has a strip of skin the same color as the bag; This chain can be used or kept to give a different use to this bandolier, turning it into a handbag.

Its interior is divided into two compartments , with independent zippers, as well as having interior pockets to store more delicate belongings. But what most attracts the attention of this bag is its padded exterior . It gives a great presence to the bandolier, very elegant, in combination with the metallic details in golden color.

You can buy this leather handbag made entirely in Italy from an unbeatable price that is accompanied by a high quality. This same characteristic is fulfilled by the rest of bags, they are made in Italy with an exclusive design by the hand of highly specialized craftsmen.

In addition to this handbag with padded leather and double zipper, you can find many more bandoliers and other types of leather bags and backpacks. If you really want a quality leather bag , look through all the different models to find the one you like best.

Advantages of a Leather Handbag

Leather handbags are a big fashion trend although it seems that they have never completely retired from fashion.

Leather bags

Other elements seem to disappear and then again become a trend, however, bandoleras have always continued to be used . What is certain is that in recent times they have become more visible and each time are the women who use them.

The same applies to the skin, which never goes out of fashion and is always among the latest trend materials. In this case we combine both aspects: the handbagss and the skin.

A handbags always allows to complete a dress to improve it, while also facilitating the transport of the most intimate belongings. It is a type of very comfortable bag that is used daily by thousands of women for several reasons: how easy it is to carry, its light weight and its quality. These are just some of the advantages offered, but we’ll talk about many more to help you in the decision to buy a handbags.

Main advantages of having a leather handbags

These are the most interesting benefits reported by the purchase and use of leather handbags:

  • The size of the handbags is usually small but more than enough. The leather handbagss acquire an adequate size to allow to keep the basic belongings : mobile, keys and complements of hygiene and personal care.
  • We do not fill the handbags with objects that we never use. When buying a larger bag, there is no problem to throw in it all kinds of objects that are left there and transport them from one place to another, carrying them. The positive thing about bandoleras is that with its dimensions it does not allow too many elements to be included in them. The back will appreciate it , you will only be carrying the essentials.
  • If your final purchase is decided between different leather bags, you will surely be buying a purchase for a large number of years. The leather is one of the most resistant and durable materials that exists and that gives a great look to each fashion accessory in which it is used. Not only will its appearance be useful, but it will resist more when repelling water, dust or other elements, even more so if it is treated with some products such as beeswax.
  • The handbagss of are made in Italy , the reference country of fashion and the use of leather. All bags of the bag shop in Madrid are Italian leather bags, as evidently, that each brand’s handbags. Italian manufacturing is undoubtedly synonymous with quality.
  • For the manufacture of these leather handbagss, no type of chemical products or pollutants are used for the environment , but this natural material is used for its manufacture. It is thus ecological complements, in addition to being biodegradable.
  • They are always fashionable , it is a practically timeless complement. As we have said at the beginning of the text, today it is usual to see it in a large number of women but they have never disappeared from fashion since they perfectly complement any look.
  • It is very easy to clean , with the simple use of a cotton cloth you can remove the waste that is generated on the handbags with its use. You will easily find yourself as new after cleaning it in a few minutes, without having to resort, much less, to the washing machine.
  • Useful for any age, regardless of the age of the carrier of this leather bag, the shoulder strap will always look good . It does not occur as with other larger bags that are excessively overloaded in small women.
  • It is possible to keep them without excessive maintenance , we only recommend filling them with newspapers or plastics so that they do not lose their shape and, if possible, cover them or store them in a cotton bag. These are all the care you need once you save it for a season, you can forget about it until you want to use it again, something that you will surely do.
  • To use in any event , the handbagss ‘look good’ in any environment. Whether to go to work, take a walk or for a special event, this type of bags can always be an option.

In short, we venture to say that leather handbagss combine design and comfort in equal parts . Both main characteristics, together with the aforementioned, make the leather handbagss a unique complement that can be purchased at a very good price.

Leather Handbags for Autumn

Fashion changes year after year and in this case we want to talk about handbags for the fall that will be more fashionable this year.

Leather bag Autumn

Both the trends that follow the fashion that comes to us and the types of handbags that will be used the most in the following months, we will talk long and hard about the handbags that will be seen soon.

Trends in handbags for autumn

Classically, animal tissues, such as crocodiles or snakes, have been used in handbags. Now, those tissues are going to be displaced by the fashion of the animal print . To the real skin of the bag is added textile with animal print of cheetah or zebra among others. If you have taken a look lately at the products of a fashion store, you will have noticed that this animal print has come with force to a large number of jackets, shirts, blouses, pants and, of course, also the complement par excellence of women: Bag.

For the print that simulates the appearance of the crocodile we speak of bags of croc type instead of animal print, although it is also possible to see it with that name. A texture that gives a really noticeable and elegant appearance to each look you want to add it to. Many fashion catwalks have seen the combination of the croc bag with an acharolado aspect to bring you even more brightness and elegance.

As for the colors, this fall is bringing new tonalities to the handbags . While the clothing shows a high incidence of orange tones, deep red, burgundy, mustard or purple, in bags, in addition to these ranges you can find different ones that combine well with them. In the fall you will see in women bags with these tonalities, those that we have just commented, and other neutral ones that never go out of style and that year after year are still valid.

For the next season, winter, trends do not usually vary. We use more quantity of clothes or that it shelters more but the complements do not change much. Therefore, all the trends we have talked about can be extrapolated to winter .

Types of Handbags that will be used more in the next autumn

  • Rounded shape : the new shape par excellence, small handbags with a round shape. Useful for cases where you do not have to carry too many accessories inside. They usually have a unique color and a handle also in leather although it can be found in a metallic type, a handle to be picked up by hand or hung according to the model.
  • Quilted : although this is a classic since the invention of Channel, this year you will see a large number of handbags. Usually combined with details in metal and handle of the same material. Although they exist in different sizes, they tend to have somewhat reduced dimensions.
  • Mini size : while other years have opted for exaggerated sizes, bags in which fits anything and filled with absurd things, now this trend is contrary. In this fall you will see much smaller bags, some with an exaggeratedly small size in which it seems to fit nothing but can be a good option to carry only what is necessary.
  • Cowboy style : the use of animal print joins the cowboy style and in it the fringes prevail that are also seen in leather boots. Whether in the center of the bag, in its handle or in its entirety, strips of leather are added to complete a cowboy style. It is usually seen in colors that are used with this theme such as black and brown.
  • Cube shape : following the rounded shapes, are also seen in cube-shaped bags. With a circular base, the skin usually has a short handle for those who want to use it as a handbag and a larger handle so that it can also be hung. To this form is added the commented animal, fringes, tendentes colors …
  • Clutch : for the most festive events the clutch bag is still used. They are hard bags with a rectangular shape and small, also called chests. In the new clutch if that varies according to the time in which it is used, this coming autumn will be stamped ethnic type, with animal print or simply in the tones that are more fashionable.
  • Type shopping : it is not, much less, a novelty in handbags but a classic that never goes out of fashion and you will always see on the shoulders of women, regardless of the time of year or the entry of new trends. Therefore, if you like this style, you can buy it without problem because you will never be out of place.

Among all the trends of the next autumn season, there is sure to be a bag that you love . There are many options among which to decide thanks to the variety of lines that can be followed.

Trends of Winter Handbags

Each year, with the arrival of winter, we observe different trends in handbags.

bolsos invierno

The winter fashion , totally opposite to what we see in summer, is accompanied by new trends that have reached the bags.

If you are somewhat confused about what are the news and features that have come in this winter of 2018, then we explain everything you need to know.

Strong commitment to animal engraving

If there is a trend that has marked the handbags in this winter of 2018, above all others, that is the animal print . In clothing we can see all kinds of animal prints which are used to decorate skirts, dresses, shoes … and of course, has also expanded to handbags.

There are two animal prints par excellence in the new range of bags from : the snake and the crocodile . Less frequently, you can also see the zebra and the leopard, being more typical in clothing.

Dark tones

In this winter, the vast majority of handbags that you will see will have a dark tone . Trend are burgundy, brown and reddish. Although all kinds of colors can be seen, almost all will tend towards black. The more lively ranges of other years, now tend to darken to give a more elegant and serious image. The bright colors are more typical of summer so they are somewhat removed in the colder months.

A very used complement together with these dark colors are zippers . It will be very common to observe them in different exterior pockets and, in addition, their appearance to create different compartments, serve as a decoration. They are usually placed in golden tones, like the rest of the metallic components of the bag. In the winter fashion of 2018, the metallic color in gold will be the most used for the small details.

It will also be common to see that these zippers end with a fringe tassel , made with the same skin as the bag. It is a very simple way of giving an unattended and daring look to the bag, so that it is not an excessively serious complement.

Crowd of models bag

In addition to the typical shoulder bags or shopping type that we see year after year, this time have come with strength bags shaped backpack . There are many women who are more comfortable hanging their bag from both shoulders instead of just from one, carrying all the weight on one side.

If you like to carry your things on your back but you did not find the ideal backpack, now it will be much easier . Surely you are tired of seeing sports backpacks, ropes, schoolboys … but no elegant to carry your most personal items. Now you can buy a bag that you can carry hanging as it is typically carried on the shoulder but with the capacity, and enough buckles, to place your wears so you can hang it from the back.

Another type of fashionable leather bag for winter is the convertible shoulder bag . The shape that will be most commonly seen this winter is square or slightly rectangular. They are small bags that are used more frequently in special events in their hand mode, but can be used on a day to day basis when we turn them into a bandolier.

Fashionable handbags have the versatility of being able to become bandoleras with the simple act of placing a handle on the side buckles that they usually have. It is a way to do more like the handbag.

Combination of leather and suede

Although the material par excellence is the skin, well we already know all its properties, if there is another that is also used, that is the ante . It is used primarily to complement the external view of the bag, to improve its appearance.

Example of this combination is the leather bag with details in suede that can be purchased in blue, mustard, gray, black, leather, red and green … a variety of shades for you to choose the one you like the most. A shopping style bag in which you can take a lot of objects to your place of work or wherever you want.

These are the two exterior materials that are played at , because all the others do nothing except subtract quality from the bags . You can buy a leatherette bag or other similar item at a really good price and also have some beauty, but you should know that you can never bring the same as the skin. If you really want a good bag, invest, bet on a slightly higher price but get a high quality product.