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Handbags for the Office

To go to the office, we always do accompanied by a bag in which to store all our belongings and, as we follow the fashion in terms of clothing, is usually done with each complement.

bolsos oficina

However, there is something that never goes out of fashion and that could always accompany us in each of those complements, even more in the bags, the skin.

Today we will talk about this essential element for many at the time of going to work and that accompanies each set of clothes, always ideally.

Handbags shop

In , our bag shop you can find all kinds of dimensions, colors and designs of handbags. But, if you are looking for one for your office outfit, the search criteria should make you fix on some specific features.

For example, you should forget about small bags that should be left for parties or more exclusive events. To go to the office it will be better to use a bag of skin of considerable size, we recommend the shopping type .

In a leather shopping bag will fit all your belongings without problem, being able to store all kinds of objects , even a folder or folios that you have to take to work.

Although there is no doubt that the variety is the taste and you may prefer a handbag of a somewhat smaller size because you do not need to carry many things in the office. In you have the ability to find bags of any size in different models and colors and, surely, you will find the type of bag you are looking for.

As for the color, it will depend on whether you will use the same bag daily or only on specific days . If you are looking for the first option, in we recommend using a neutral color , such as black, camel or brown, natural colors of the skin, which can go well, to match any type of clothing you wear to go to the office. In case you want to change your bag every day, the color will be the least , buy simply the one you like the most and you will surely find the ideal set of clothes to combine it.

Why buy Italian leather handbags

Although the Handbags always have a good reputation, the Italians are the ones who take the cake in almost all the buyers.

This happens as much for its quality as for its design . Italian fashion is always the latest, is one of the great references around the world. In the Handbags sector the same thing happens, always in search of the latest trend to give novel bags and with the best appearance , following the latest fashion.

It does not matter if you have a vintage, modern or hippie image , any picture will fit a handbag of Italian origin . Never look out of place in a careful look and it will also be a lasting purchase if you choose good quality bags, just like the Italian Handbags that are on sale at .

How to make your office bag last a lifetime

There is nothing like making a lasting purchase, we are all satisfied to acquire something for life without losing its initial characteristics. The first thing you have to do to get it is to buy a quality product, just as you can do in our Bag Shop in Madrid. In second place is caring for this purchase, in this case a purse.

In this last point on which we focus below, we trust that becomes your shopping option.

Among the care that should be taken with a handbag, we find:

  • Avoid leaving it exposed to the Sun. Although on the way to work it is inevitable that you perceive certain solar rays, once you are not using it, try to leave it as hidden as possible from these radiations. If it is exposed, in addition to deteriorating, it loses much of its original color.
  • Do not use chemical products for cleaning . It may seem that for a better cleaning it is necessary to use some type of specific product, nothing is further from reality. With a simple cotton rag something humid you can carry out a total cleaning and remove all the dirt derived from its use.
  • Protect it with beeswax . Especially on rainy days, where precipitation predominates, it will be favorable for him to be impregnated with beeswax. This wax will protect it from moisture and also give it a brighter look.
  • Be careful what you put into it . Avoid storing any type of perfume or alcohol bottle that could break and spill everything on the bag. If it is essential to save one, try to do it with the utmost care so that you do not have to regret scares.
  • Save it for a season . When you decide to stay a few weeks without using it, it is advisable to keep it inside a cotton sleeve, to be able to be white so as not to interfere with its color. On the other hand, we must take into account that it will be better to fill it with newspaper or any type of paper or plastic so that it does not lose its original shape, besides keeping it in a place with enough space.

These are just some tips to make your handbag last a lifetime, which becomes a really affordable purchase.

Discover the characteristics of a good handbag for parties

Knowing how to choose a good handbag for a party can be a complex task.

Jean Des Esseintes leather bags

Virtually any leather bag calls our attention to the eye but you have to know how to choose the ideal model for each occasion according to the event, the time of day, the chosen clothes …

To answer the question that corresponds to this blog post, we have to take into account several aspects , so we reel them throughout the text to answer in the most detailed way.

Types of handbags for parties

The list of handbags that can be used in an important event is immense, we will talk about the most tendentes models and how to choose them in the perfect occasion.

  • Type on : as its name indicates, it imitates the shape of an envelope used for postal mail. Although there are many models, those that are for parties usually have a small size and rivets in metal or any other kind of material something bright.
  • Baguette type : its shape, like the previous one, is also rectangular but in this case something more elongated. Although sometimes it can be accompanied by a handle, in the beginning it did not add it and it took the name of baguette because of its similarity in shape with this typical French food and to be carried under the arm like this bread.
  • Clutch type : they are the most used at present by the tendency to use it by the great majority of celebrities, who have become the most fashionable type. With a rigid shape, more or less square, provides the ideal size for a party bag. Its closure gives it more ‘glamor’ and you can find it in any color.
  • Bandolier type : although sometimes it may seem too big, a bandolier can also be chosen as a complement for a party. Those in which its exterior is its quilting, its presence also invites more to take it to a special ceremony. The padded leather on a shoulder strap ‘dresses a lot’ and will be a unique option.

These are the main options , but you can find handbags with practically any shape.

Day or night party

In making decisions when choosing between different handbags for parties is the time of day in which the event occurs. We can find day parties and night parties. Although the choice of the bag will also depend on the dress, we give you the most important tips depending on the time of the party.

In the night parties you should bet mostly on the neutral colors in the dresses and the brilliance in the accessories. Thus, betting on bright shades in handbags and today clutches especially clutch type . These tones, although bright, are usually black, silver and gold. They are mainly used to complement dresses or evening dresses. While it is true that you can find all kinds of colors, also with brightness or without it, to show off in a nightly event.

For the rest of the parties, those that occur under solar lighting, you should opt for bags with bright and smooth colors . It is also usually choose larger bags than for the night.

In search of exclusivity

Nobody likes to get to a party or any type of event and that another person will wear the same clothes or the same accessories as you. For this reason, among others, can become an ideal purchase option .

In our bag shop in Madrid premium originality and novelty among the different models, always with an innovation compared to other prestigious brands.

When buying a bag in you can be practically sure that it is a unique model and that surely will not be repeated at the party.

No matter the dress

The possibilities in terms of dress to attend a party are endless, you can opt for a long dress or a short, a suit, a skirt, pants and blouse on top … It would be impossible to list all the possible combinations with which to go to a party. But if something we want to emphasize is that a leather bag for a party can look good with any option .

The same goes for the fashion to follow, it does not matter if it’s vintage, modern, classic … they all look good on a good bag . With a bag you will never be out of place in any event, but you must take care that it keeps a certain harmony with the set of clothes used.

The size, an aspect to keep in mind

The most usual is to bet on small sizes, that do not recharge the stamp much and that serve to carry the most necessary objects. So far so good, however, we must not forget that the mobiles have increasingly greater proportions.

You may find your purse dreamed and later not be useful at the time of the event to carry one of the most important objects, without which now we can not go anywhere.

Forget about the large handbags that you usually use to go shopping or go to work. In a ceremony, shopping bags or leather backpacks are completely discarded. You have to bet on a smaller size in which to carry the strictly necessary belongings, no excessively large designs.

How are the Italian Leather Handbags?

Leather handbags of Italian origin are the most famous in the market and if they are in this ladder it is on their own merits.

bolsos italianos piel

Then we will talk about why they have achieved this recognition and how are these bags.

Characteristics of an Italian bag

Among the characteristics of an Italian leather handbag comes first of all the quality in the confection . Each step in its elaboration is taken care of to the maximum, so that it is a lasting complement and that although it is used daily or even if it is kept during a long season, it is always ready to be used again.

They are made by skilled craftsmen at every step of the manufacturing process of these bags. Only then it is possible to get a complement of such quality and that brings an infinite glamor every time it is used.

In addition, these bags always follow fashion. The trends always change each passing season but the bags will adapt to each change that happens. Designers know in good hands that many women want to always be the latest and have the latest news that will appear or return to classic outfits that never go out of style. To cover all these requests, every year new forms and different elements appear to be added and to change the external and internal appearance, always without neglecting the quality.

Italian handbags are also accompanied by comfort , you will never find it unpleasant because of its touch or its way of hanging from the shoulder. They are ideal to carry the belongings we need daily or our own for an important event. These cited belongings will be protected from the outside as much by the protection of the skin as by the textile of the interior. The weight of the interior, which must be considered so that no discomfort is caused by being excessive, is carried, except in exaggerated cases, always in an appropriate way with the handle of the leather bag or thanks to a good grip on the handbags so that it is not uncomfortable to wear it for hours.

Due to these characteristics and some details that we will continue to discuss , each bag is made in Italy . Do not trust all the labels that talk about Italian manufacturing, look for official certificates that guarantee this origin and, consequently, the quality of the bags you are buying.

Italian design

If we think of Italy, those of us who move in the world of fashion, we think of a place of reference with the most important fashion fairs around the world. It is the place where fashion and design go hand in hand to export their most innovative ideas to the rest of the planet. There are many people who want to visit it to live the charm of its cities and visualize its historical monuments and many others who do it to experience Italian design firsthand .

Italy has historically been the cradle of great cultural movements, such as the Renaissance. It has always been considered as a place of reference for great artists.

Why buy Italian Leather handbags

After talking about Italian handbags, you probably already know that it is a good purchase option, but we are going to give you three final aspects so that you finally decide on your purchase:

  • Quality in each material: it is clear that the skin is an ideal material, but we are not only talking about this component but there are more in these accessories. For example, the zippers, the metal to join the handle or the union between each element; everything is extremely careful so that the quality is optimal in every sense. Even the inside of the bag is perfected, although you can not see it, everything you put into it will be protected from the outside.
  • Versatility: a leather bag can be used for any type of occasion, from a causal look to work or to go around among friends to more special ceremonies such as weddings or graduation parties. An Italian leather bag will always look good on any occasion.
  • Adequate price: do not think that by buying a quality item, you will find exaggerated and unreachable prices for many. You will find acceptable prices and you will be paying only for the product itself, not for its fame. In addition, if you buy at you can take advantage of the existing offers and you will find handbags even half of their initial price.


If leather handbags are a fundamental piece in an elegant look, within them, handbags have become an indispensable element in thousands of women.


There is nothing more comfortable and distinguished than one of them to go to a special occasion or to use it in our day to day as a fashion complement.

At we know how important it is and we want you to know what are the requirements that a leather bag must meet to become a true unmistakable handbag.

How should be a good hand-skin bag

We are going to comment on all the details that a good handbag should have in order to become an essential item, that is, the keys you should look at when buying:


It is essential that the size of the bag is reduced, otherwise, it could never be a handbag, nor be a comfortable complement . Those that we hang can have all kinds of dimensions because they hang on a handle, but hand-held, they must keep adequate proportions so they can be carried without problem.

Either with a square, elongated or even circular or triangular shape , but on some of its sides it should be small enough to be grasped by the palm and the fingers of the hand.


We can find handbags of almost any material, but if there is one that differs from the rest it is the skin . As ‘good’ as they say it is or that apparently is a plastic bag, it will never be as elegant or durable as a bag made of leather.

When choosing a leather bag, look for a certificate that shows that it is made of this material, because there are others that simulate it in appearance but do not have its properties.

But why always bet on the skin? We give you the main aspects because the one that always had to be chosen:

  • It needs very little care. It is cleaned and maintained easily.
  • It resists to the inclemencies temporary, so much wind as precipitations, without that his aspect sees desmejorado.
  • You can save them for years and get them out again without having gone out of style.
  • It is very pleasant to the touch.
  • Its beauty is infinite.

These are just some of the characteristics that make leather bags the most demanded and that we use them and we recommend them in every leather handbag in .

Look at every detail

Before buying the leather bag, in addition to its main material, you should look at all the details that make up the bag . You must take into account that the zipper and the buttons that serve to close each compartment of the bag work well.

The ideal is that the leather goods are made of metal so that their durability is greater and that they do not deteriorate with time.

On the other hand, check its interior , check that the interior textile is continuous and that it will protect the belongings that you enter inside. It is important that it is soft so as not to damage them and that it can be cleaned well.

Manufactured by hand

The bags that are manufactured in large quantities are usually made under an industrial chain, machines are responsible for making each step. Although after the completion they go through quality controls, this control will never be as detailed as a handmade production .

The artisans in charge of making leather bags review every stitch and every step they take, the quality control is continuous and objects with infinite beauty and value are obtained.


If you buy a handbag in any fashion store that we usually see in each city, it is most likely that when we attend the event for which we have purchased it, it will not be the only one that is the same at the ceremony.

If something prevails in the current fashion is the exclusivity in each garment and each complement we use. This can only be achieved with original bags , manufactured by hand and with a limited production, just like in the bags store .


You can find leather bags of almost any hue, but you should know if you want a different and daring color or a classic one .

Among the classics, we could talk about shades like brown and black typical of the skin , beige or gray tones. They are colors that we are used to seeing in any leather bag so it will not be any novelty if we wear it, in spite of that, it will never be a mistake to use a leather bag like that.

For the most daring, the ideal is to use different colors such as red, green, blue and even bright colors. They are usually combined with the color of the shoes, the dress or the jacket, to create a completely coordinated print and in accordance with the event you are going to attend.


Many women look for a handbag to carry it in a more elegant way, but also want it to have the versatility of being hung on the shoulder . To achieve this, it is necessary that the handbag has two rings on the sides in which to attach a handle and that can be hung.

This change may be made in the middle of an important ceremony, when we have tired of carrying the bag in hand, but it may also be useful to use the bag on other occasions. No occasion is bad to carry a leather handbag converted into a shoulder bag thanks to a simple handle. You can use it to take your belongings to the office if we do not need much space or to take a simple walk, being able to carry your things comfortably.

When buying the bag, check if you have this versatility that will make you can use the handbag on more occasions. Thus, your purchase will be cheaper because you will use it many more times.

How It Has to be a Good Leather Handbag

There are handbags that do not seem to be afraid of the changes in the trends.

How It Has to be a Leather Bag

That keep so much sentimental value that they go from generation to generation keeping their appearance untouched as the first day , and many others with which the arrow simply arises and we have to take them irremediably at home attracted by the fashions that elevate them to the top of the catwalks or because we see how the personalities of the world of cinema, song or celebrity in general make them a necessity for the rest of the mortals.

The handbags are a value because they give a superior category to any style , and although sometimes you notice in the price, you have to be careful when buying one because not all handbags are good handbags, and we can run the risk of paying a good amount of money for an item that does not meet expectations.

To know which are the characteristics in which we must set ourselves to choose well, I leave you below a series of very useful tips .

A careful design to the minimum

Many times we let ourselves be easily cajoled by appearances, but to choose a good bag it is not worth just taking a look at it from a distance, no, you have to touch it and check for ourselves that each of its parts is correct .

For example, the handles, which are sturdy and well sewn . There are times when we carry the cluttered bag and that makes direct inference on its weight. The weight of a bag is supported by the handles, so without a good stitching it is very likely that little by little the yarn will be undone and the forms will be opened, so that the bag will be unusable very soon.

Check that the buckles and other metal parts are not rubbed or with a defect and that they do not look tinny or flimsy. In a good leather bag even pieces that are not of this material have to have a high quality. The only thing that would be achieved using inferior pieces and beads would be to shorten the set’s duration and it would not make sense to mix qualities when the goal in manufacturing is to get a bag of the best kind.

The good prices of the bags shop

If we find offers or discounts for seasonal change, then better for us, because we can save a few euros, but we must not get carried away by emotion and destroy all the bags if we find suspicious bargains .

That’s why at you always bet on the clarity of the prices and in addition to the discounted price, you indicate what your original price was.

handbags do not have to be expensive and although we are accustomed to the quality is paid and a high price indicates that something is good, our products are affordable for all people, offering excellent quality at competitive prices.

But attention because some brands or companies that are dedicated to the distribution of handbags not made in real leather have such low prices that we end up falling, thinking that we have found a real bargain, when what we have really found is a hoax for us to pique .

It is better to have an authentic leather bag than three or four of simile leather , that is, of plastic, which will soon lose their appearance and we will end up pulling because of its rapid deterioration, so that not only those bags will go to the trash, but the money we pay for them.

The interior of handbags also counts

How the lining is sewn, the fabric has a good fall and the seams are straight. Absolutely everything is important and it is in the details that a great product differs from a mediocre one .

A little more of the same with zippers , especially with the main one. We have to check that it slides smoothly, without jerks, that all the teeth marry well and that the coger we use to open and close it is comfortable and of sufficient size, neither small nor too large, for our fingers.

The quality of the skin in the handbags

The leather is a very noble material that offers an exquisite finish and makes the handbags made in it not only keep their characteristics a long season, but can even improve over time.

When I want to check that excellent skin is used, I have to look at two essential things: touch and smell .

The softness and comfort of a good leather bag is evident with the simple touch of our hand, but if you are still not 100% sure of its origin, you can use the smell to finish making sure.

The skin has a very characteristic smell , although this will be different depending on the type of skin used. For example, some Moroccan leather skins tend to have an odor that is too invasive and strong, which is difficult to eliminate, even if months go by.

But other skins of good quality and especially with a careful process of its raw material to transform it into a bag, give off a pleasant smell that many other houses that make handbags want to imitate with artificial odorants to create confusion . The effect of the odorant in the plastic bags will be temporary and will disappear in a short space of time.