Discover the characteristics of a good handbag for parties

Knowing how to choose a good handbag for a party can be a complex task.

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Virtually any leather bag calls our attention to the eye but you have to know how to choose the ideal model for each occasion according to the event, the time of day, the chosen clothes …

To answer the question that corresponds to this blog post, we have to take into account several aspects , so we reel them throughout the text to answer in the most detailed way.

Types of handbags for parties

The list of handbags that can be used in an important event is immense, we will talk about the most tendentes models and how to choose them in the perfect occasion.

  • Type on : as its name indicates, it imitates the shape of an envelope used for postal mail. Although there are many models, those that are for parties usually have a small size and rivets in metal or any other kind of material something bright.
  • Baguette type : its shape, like the previous one, is also rectangular but in this case something more elongated. Although sometimes it can be accompanied by a handle, in the beginning it did not add it and it took the name of baguette because of its similarity in shape with this typical French food and to be carried under the arm like this bread.
  • Clutch type : they are the most used at present by the tendency to use it by the great majority of celebrities, who have become the most fashionable type. With a rigid shape, more or less square, provides the ideal size for a party bag. Its closure gives it more ‘glamor’ and you can find it in any color.
  • Bandolier type : although sometimes it may seem too big, a bandolier can also be chosen as a complement for a party. Those in which its exterior is its quilting, its presence also invites more to take it to a special ceremony. The padded leather on a shoulder strap ‘dresses a lot’ and will be a unique option.

These are the main options , but you can find handbags with practically any shape.

Day or night party

In making decisions when choosing between different handbags for parties is the time of day in which the event occurs. We can find day parties and night parties. Although the choice of the bag will also depend on the dress, we give you the most important tips depending on the time of the party.

In the night parties you should bet mostly on the neutral colors in the dresses and the brilliance in the accessories. Thus, betting on bright shades in handbags and today clutches especially clutch type . These tones, although bright, are usually black, silver and gold. They are mainly used to complement dresses or evening dresses. While it is true that you can find all kinds of colors, also with brightness or without it, to show off in a nightly event.

For the rest of the parties, those that occur under solar lighting, you should opt for bags with bright and smooth colors . It is also usually choose larger bags than for the night.

In search of exclusivity

Nobody likes to get to a party or any type of event and that another person will wear the same clothes or the same accessories as you. For this reason, among others, can become an ideal purchase option .

In our bag shop in Madrid premium originality and novelty among the different models, always with an innovation compared to other prestigious brands.

When buying a bag in you can be practically sure that it is a unique model and that surely will not be repeated at the party.

No matter the dress

The possibilities in terms of dress to attend a party are endless, you can opt for a long dress or a short, a suit, a skirt, pants and blouse on top … It would be impossible to list all the possible combinations with which to go to a party. But if something we want to emphasize is that a leather bag for a party can look good with any option .

The same goes for the fashion to follow, it does not matter if it’s vintage, modern, classic … they all look good on a good bag . With a bag you will never be out of place in any event, but you must take care that it keeps a certain harmony with the set of clothes used.

The size, an aspect to keep in mind

The most usual is to bet on small sizes, that do not recharge the stamp much and that serve to carry the most necessary objects. So far so good, however, we must not forget that the mobiles have increasingly greater proportions.

You may find your purse dreamed and later not be useful at the time of the event to carry one of the most important objects, without which now we can not go anywhere.

Forget about the large handbags that you usually use to go shopping or go to work. In a ceremony, shopping bags or leather backpacks are completely discarded. You have to bet on a smaller size in which to carry the strictly necessary belongings, no excessively large designs.