Evolution, care and cleaning of our natural leather handbags

Handbags are made with a high quality natural leather treated and tanned in a vegetal way, which gives it a great part of its beauty.


This is noticeable to the touch, to the eye and even in the way of evolving with use, since time makes them age in a natural way that makes them even more beautiful.

However, it is important to emphasize that noble materials are more delicate and must be taken care of more carefully than artificial ones.

Everyone knows that a wooden floor is one of the most beautiful and elegant that can be enjoyed in a home, and that with the use every time they are more welcoming, but also that they require a more careful treatment. Something similar happens to natural leather handbags, which require more care because they can be stained and scratched more easily, especially with the nails, and for this reason we must be especially careful when opening them.

Do not worry much when the first scratches appear with the use. Its normal. They are made of natural leather treated in a vegetal way, which gives them their flexibility and durability, but at the same time it makes them soft and pleasant to the touch and that makes them more porous since they can stain or grate more easily than made with synthetic materials or even with plasticized or lacquered leather.

With the passage of time it is discovered that these leather bags evolve well and that it ages naturally without losing beauty, because the natural leather is a living element, a true reflection of your lived experiences.

There is nothing more beautiful than a used and worn leather handbag, that has accompanied its owner in so many good moments, as a faithful companion of all her experiences.

As advice to extend your life and preserve its beauty, color and flexibility, in we recommend the following:

1.- Handle them with some care and with clean hands, since being a natural material they are very susceptible to the absorption of fats and oils. Special attention not to damage them with their own nails , especially in opening or closing operations.

2.- They must be stored in a cloth bag when they are not going to be used to protect them. And if you see that they are going to spend several days without use, it is best to fill them with papers to prevent them from becoming deformed.

3.- Although they are not dirty, it is advisable to moisturize them a couple of times a year with a white cotton cloth and Nivea or a leather conditioner, to keep them soft and flexible. Then a clean cloth must be passed to prevent clogging of the pores.

4.- Due to its porosity, this type of leather is very affected by water, leaving stains or marks in the form of drops, so special care must be taken with rain . They should not get wet, but if this happens the first thing to do is dry it immediately with a cloth or cotton handkerchief, without rubbing and without using any source of heat, leaving after it is finished drying in the air. To recover the original flexibility it is best to apply a conditioning cream, but it will not remove the marks in their entirety.

5.- In case of stains of oil , blood or food, they should be cleaned as soon as possible. Most of the time it can be fixed using an absorbent material such as talcum powder. To do this, cover the stain with the powder and let it rest for a few hours. Then remove the powder with a very soft brush and a clean, soft cloth.

6.- It is advisable to introduce the cosmetics and / or pens inside a small toiletry bag as this will avoid more than one scare.


A good leather bag is always a safe investment both for its beauty and for its touch, which has to remain in the closet for many seasons, and that is why it is very advisable to take care of the investment that has been made by treating it with care and taking care of it. it deserves.