Handbag collection in Spain

These are handmade bags, “Made in Spain”, of incredible beauty both for its design and for the excellent quality and exclusive color of its leather.


A collection of unique bags in which you can also record the initials of the owner for free.

This collection of natural leather handbags are made with high quality natural leather, which gives them a great part of their beauty and that eventually ages them so that they become an increasingly beautiful piece. However, it is important to emphasize that noble materials, such as wood and natural leather, should be cared for more than artificial ones and that is why leather bags require more care since they can be stained and scratched. more easily, especially with the nails. Therefore, we must be especially careful when opening and closing them, and when there is a risk of splashing with oils or fats. It is also important to be careful in case of rain because being very porous, the water can leave its mark.

On the other hand, recommends that when the first marks of use appear, there is no need to worry excessively, as it is normal, since they are made of natural leather treated in a vegetal way, which gives them their flexibility, which at the same time makes them soft and pleasant to the touch, although this also causes them to be more porous and can stain or grate more easily than those made with synthetic leatherette or even with lacquered leather.

With the passage of time these leather bags age without losing their beauty, because the natural leather is a living element. There is nothing more beautiful than a used leather bag, that has accompanied its owner in so many good times, as a faithful companion of all her experiences.