Handbags made of leather

A good handbag made of leather or suede handmade by the best leather from Spain.


Beautiful by nature and design, would not be a perfect gift if it was not accompanied by a good presentation and packaging.


At they take this fact into account and for that reason they take special care of the wrapping and packaging process in such a way that a safe transport for this precious merchandise is obtained, at the same time as a presentation in accordance with the jewel it contains.


All the suede and leather handbags from the are handmade by experienced artisans from the leather goods industry, thus achieving the extra quality required by the clients of this brand.


The perfect complement to the quality of a craft bag in this category is its presentation and packaging, so that in addition to protecting it during the transport process, it offers a good image to who receives it. Robustness and delicacy simultaneously.


In the current promotion, customers have the service of packaging and shipping to your home for free for purchases whose total amount exceeds € 100.


Once an order is received at , the first thing to do is print the label of the same, where the customer’s name appears, the shipping address, the model and color of the bag chosen, and the initials to be engraved on the bag. in case that option has been chosen. In that case, we proceed to engrave the initials, to fill the paper bag so that it does not deform and to insert it inside a protective plastic bag, which in turn is placed inside a cotton bag. This cotton bag will be the one that should be used later at home to store the bag for protection during times when it will be used little. Finally, the joint package is inserted in a cardboard box, in which the shipping label mentioned above adheres. At that time, instructions are given by internet to the transport company  for their collection and urgent delivery to any part of Spain or the world. From that moment the delivery to the customer is made in a maximum time of 24 working hours in case of shipments within the peninsula to Spain or Portugal, and 72 hours in case of shipments to France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg or Germany.