If leather handbags are a fundamental piece in an elegant look, within them, handbags have become an indispensable element in thousands of women.


There is nothing more comfortable and distinguished than one of them to go to a special occasion or to use it in our day to day as a fashion complement.

At we know how important it is and we want you to know what are the requirements that a leather bag must meet to become a true unmistakable handbag.

How should be a good hand-skin bag

We are going to comment on all the details that a good handbag should have in order to become an essential item, that is, the keys you should look at when buying:


It is essential that the size of the bag is reduced, otherwise, it could never be a handbag, nor be a comfortable complement . Those that we hang can have all kinds of dimensions because they hang on a handle, but hand-held, they must keep adequate proportions so they can be carried without problem.

Either with a square, elongated or even circular or triangular shape , but on some of its sides it should be small enough to be grasped by the palm and the fingers of the hand.


We can find handbags of almost any material, but if there is one that differs from the rest it is the skin . As ‘good’ as they say it is or that apparently is a plastic bag, it will never be as elegant or durable as a bag made of leather.

When choosing a leather bag, look for a certificate that shows that it is made of this material, because there are others that simulate it in appearance but do not have its properties.

But why always bet on the skin? We give you the main aspects because the one that always had to be chosen:

  • It needs very little care. It is cleaned and maintained easily.
  • It resists to the inclemencies temporary, so much wind as precipitations, without that his aspect sees desmejorado.
  • You can save them for years and get them out again without having gone out of style.
  • It is very pleasant to the touch.
  • Its beauty is infinite.

These are just some of the characteristics that make leather bags the most demanded and that we use them and we recommend them in every leather handbag in .

Look at every detail

Before buying the leather bag, in addition to its main material, you should look at all the details that make up the bag . You must take into account that the zipper and the buttons that serve to close each compartment of the bag work well.

The ideal is that the leather goods are made of metal so that their durability is greater and that they do not deteriorate with time.

On the other hand, check its interior , check that the interior textile is continuous and that it will protect the belongings that you enter inside. It is important that it is soft so as not to damage them and that it can be cleaned well.

Manufactured by hand

The bags that are manufactured in large quantities are usually made under an industrial chain, machines are responsible for making each step. Although after the completion they go through quality controls, this control will never be as detailed as a handmade production .

The artisans in charge of making leather bags review every stitch and every step they take, the quality control is continuous and objects with infinite beauty and value are obtained.


If you buy a handbag in any fashion store that we usually see in each city, it is most likely that when we attend the event for which we have purchased it, it will not be the only one that is the same at the ceremony.

If something prevails in the current fashion is the exclusivity in each garment and each complement we use. This can only be achieved with original bags , manufactured by hand and with a limited production, just like in the bags store .


You can find leather bags of almost any hue, but you should know if you want a different and daring color or a classic one .

Among the classics, we could talk about shades like brown and black typical of the skin , beige or gray tones. They are colors that we are used to seeing in any leather bag so it will not be any novelty if we wear it, in spite of that, it will never be a mistake to use a leather bag like that.

For the most daring, the ideal is to use different colors such as red, green, blue and even bright colors. They are usually combined with the color of the shoes, the dress or the jacket, to create a completely coordinated print and in accordance with the event you are going to attend.


Many women look for a handbag to carry it in a more elegant way, but also want it to have the versatility of being hung on the shoulder . To achieve this, it is necessary that the handbag has two rings on the sides in which to attach a handle and that can be hung.

This change may be made in the middle of an important ceremony, when we have tired of carrying the bag in hand, but it may also be useful to use the bag on other occasions. No occasion is bad to carry a leather handbag converted into a shoulder bag thanks to a simple handle. You can use it to take your belongings to the office if we do not need much space or to take a simple walk, being able to carry your things comfortably.

When buying the bag, check if you have this versatility that will make you can use the handbag on more occasions. Thus, your purchase will be cheaper because you will use it many more times.