How It Has to be a Good Leather Handbag

There are handbags that do not seem to be afraid of the changes in the trends.

How It Has to be a Leather Bag

That keep so much sentimental value that they go from generation to generation keeping their appearance untouched as the first day , and many others with which the arrow simply arises and we have to take them irremediably at home attracted by the fashions that elevate them to the top of the catwalks or because we see how the personalities of the world of cinema, song or celebrity in general make them a necessity for the rest of the mortals.

The handbags are a value because they give a superior category to any style , and although sometimes you notice in the price, you have to be careful when buying one because not all handbags are good handbags, and we can run the risk of paying a good amount of money for an item that does not meet expectations.

To know which are the characteristics in which we must set ourselves to choose well, I leave you below a series of very useful tips .

A careful design to the minimum

Many times we let ourselves be easily cajoled by appearances, but to choose a good bag it is not worth just taking a look at it from a distance, no, you have to touch it and check for ourselves that each of its parts is correct .

For example, the handles, which are sturdy and well sewn . There are times when we carry the cluttered bag and that makes direct inference on its weight. The weight of a bag is supported by the handles, so without a good stitching it is very likely that little by little the yarn will be undone and the forms will be opened, so that the bag will be unusable very soon.

Check that the buckles and other metal parts are not rubbed or with a defect and that they do not look tinny or flimsy. In a good leather bag even pieces that are not of this material have to have a high quality. The only thing that would be achieved using inferior pieces and beads would be to shorten the set’s duration and it would not make sense to mix qualities when the goal in manufacturing is to get a bag of the best kind.

The good prices of the bags shop

If we find offers or discounts for seasonal change, then better for us, because we can save a few euros, but we must not get carried away by emotion and destroy all the bags if we find suspicious bargains .

That’s why at you always bet on the clarity of the prices and in addition to the discounted price, you indicate what your original price was.

handbags do not have to be expensive and although we are accustomed to the quality is paid and a high price indicates that something is good, our products are affordable for all people, offering excellent quality at competitive prices.

But attention because some brands or companies that are dedicated to the distribution of handbags not made in real leather have such low prices that we end up falling, thinking that we have found a real bargain, when what we have really found is a hoax for us to pique .

It is better to have an authentic leather bag than three or four of simile leather , that is, of plastic, which will soon lose their appearance and we will end up pulling because of its rapid deterioration, so that not only those bags will go to the trash, but the money we pay for them.

The interior of handbags also counts

How the lining is sewn, the fabric has a good fall and the seams are straight. Absolutely everything is important and it is in the details that a great product differs from a mediocre one .

A little more of the same with zippers , especially with the main one. We have to check that it slides smoothly, without jerks, that all the teeth marry well and that the coger we use to open and close it is comfortable and of sufficient size, neither small nor too large, for our fingers.

The quality of the skin in the handbags

The leather is a very noble material that offers an exquisite finish and makes the handbags made in it not only keep their characteristics a long season, but can even improve over time.

When I want to check that excellent skin is used, I have to look at two essential things: touch and smell .

The softness and comfort of a good leather bag is evident with the simple touch of our hand, but if you are still not 100% sure of its origin, you can use the smell to finish making sure.

The skin has a very characteristic smell , although this will be different depending on the type of skin used. For example, some Moroccan leather skins tend to have an odor that is too invasive and strong, which is difficult to eliminate, even if months go by.

But other skins of good quality and especially with a careful process of its raw material to transform it into a bag, give off a pleasant smell that many other houses that make handbags want to imitate with artificial odorants to create confusion . The effect of the odorant in the plastic bags will be temporary and will disappear in a short space of time.