In Handbags, the details do matter

The bag of a woman expresses her personality, without her saying anything, without her knowing …


Aware of this reality, they have designed a collection of bags that is characterized by using two types of exclusive and first class materials, leather and suede.

They are handbags manufactured with native leather from Spain, by hand, by expert manufacturers of leather goods since 1992, in which the details do matter, because they are the ones that make the difference, and those that turn a good leather bag into a bag unique and exclusive.

The buckles, the clasps, the straps, the brooches, the adornments, the tassels, all the details in short, are designed with the sole objective of obtaining the quality and beauty that make your leather and suede bags reflect their exclusivity.

One thing is certain and that is that the bag is an accessory that every woman always carries, all the time and in all kinds of circumstances … At night, during the day, at the movies, at work, going to a dinner or birthday a friend. That is why the choice of handbag is the most complicated to make.

According to the opinion of several professional women in the world of accessories it is important to know what to look for in order to buy a good bag, and in that sense there are four basic points to consider, which are design, quality, material and the details.

As for the design, what matters is that it is original, and that the form is attractive and practical, and above all that it is adequate for the function to be fulfilled in each case.

The quality is basic to give good image and to achieve a good durability.

The material also greatly influences the durability but also the beauty of the bag and the image that we transmit abroad. The skin remains the queen of comfort and durability and there are many ways to work and treat it. A leather bag, whether leather or suede, you have to take care of it, but it will last season after season.

And the details, … do matter. Do not rely on just buying an expensive or branded bag. You have to look carefully at the skin, how it is sewn, how the edges are finished, the inner lining, the fittings, the strap, the closure and all the finishing touches in general.