Leather Handbags for Autumn

Fashion changes year after year and in this case we want to talk about handbags for the fall that will be more fashionable this year.

Leather bag Autumn

Both the trends that follow the fashion that comes to us and the types of handbags that will be used the most in the following months, we will talk long and hard about the handbags that will be seen soon.

Trends in handbags for autumn

Classically, animal tissues, such as crocodiles or snakes, have been used in handbags. Now, those tissues are going to be displaced by the fashion of the animal print . To the real skin of the bag is added textile with animal print of cheetah or zebra among others. If you have taken a look lately at the products of a fashion store, you will have noticed that this animal print has come with force to a large number of jackets, shirts, blouses, pants and, of course, also the complement par excellence of women: Bag.

For the print that simulates the appearance of the crocodile we speak of bags of croc type instead of animal print, although it is also possible to see it with that name. A texture that gives a really noticeable and elegant appearance to each look you want to add it to. Many fashion catwalks have seen the combination of the croc bag with an acharolado aspect to bring you even more brightness and elegance.

As for the colors, this fall is bringing new tonalities to the handbags . While the clothing shows a high incidence of orange tones, deep red, burgundy, mustard or purple, in bags, in addition to these ranges you can find different ones that combine well with them. In the fall you will see in women bags with these tonalities, those that we have just commented, and other neutral ones that never go out of style and that year after year are still valid.

For the next season, winter, trends do not usually vary. We use more quantity of clothes or that it shelters more but the complements do not change much. Therefore, all the trends we have talked about can be extrapolated to winter .

Types of Handbags that will be used more in the next autumn

  • Rounded shape : the new shape par excellence, small handbags with a round shape. Useful for cases where you do not have to carry too many accessories inside. They usually have a unique color and a handle also in leather although it can be found in a metallic type, a handle to be picked up by hand or hung according to the model.
  • Quilted : although this is a classic since the invention of Channel, this year you will see a large number of handbags. Usually combined with details in metal and handle of the same material. Although they exist in different sizes, they tend to have somewhat reduced dimensions.
  • Mini size : while other years have opted for exaggerated sizes, bags in which fits anything and filled with absurd things, now this trend is contrary. In this fall you will see much smaller bags, some with an exaggeratedly small size in which it seems to fit nothing but can be a good option to carry only what is necessary.
  • Cowboy style : the use of animal print joins the cowboy style and in it the fringes prevail that are also seen in leather boots. Whether in the center of the bag, in its handle or in its entirety, strips of leather are added to complete a cowboy style. It is usually seen in colors that are used with this theme such as black and brown.
  • Cube shape : following the rounded shapes, are also seen in cube-shaped bags. With a circular base, the skin usually has a short handle for those who want to use it as a handbag and a larger handle so that it can also be hung. To this form is added the commented animal, fringes, tendentes colors …
  • Clutch : for the most festive events the clutch bag is still used. They are hard bags with a rectangular shape and small, also called chests. In the new clutch if that varies according to the time in which it is used, this coming autumn will be stamped ethnic type, with animal print or simply in the tones that are more fashionable.
  • Type shopping : it is not, much less, a novelty in handbags but a classic that never goes out of fashion and you will always see on the shoulders of women, regardless of the time of year or the entry of new trends. Therefore, if you like this style, you can buy it without problem because you will never be out of place.

Among all the trends of the next autumn season, there is sure to be a bag that you love . There are many options among which to decide thanks to the variety of lines that can be followed.