The Colorful Collection of Leather Handbags

The new Collection put on the market online is called Colorful and is an edition of leather bags of colors, very varied and of very high quality.


Manufactured in an artisan way as it is tradition in all the products of the brand, and that includes handbags Light blue, red, green and orange leather.

At they are aware that “Life is Light and Color” and aware of this they have developed this colorful collection designed for those moments in which the woman wants to give a touch of brightness and light to her look, giving color to life. It is a very striking and cheerful collection because it integrates color and design in bags, maintaining the quality of cowhide as raw material, which are the hallmarks of the brand.

Quality, design, craftsmanship and color together in this collection of leather bags that are also customizable for free by recording the initials of the owner, making them unique objects for each woman.

The most important objective of the Colorful Collection of is to fight the monotony with bold colors, giving joy to the most neutral outfits and achieving a casual, fun and modern look.

Keep in mind that the energy of the colors of our clothes and accessories influences our own mood and reflects our mood and mood of the moment. The mind, body and spirit are intensely influenced by colors, some of which are stimulating and provide energy while others calm and relax us.

In this sense, it can be said that the color red is an energetic, vital, friendly and antidepressant color. Dressing in red is a way of being the center of attention.

The blue color is calm and quiet in general, but also the light blue suggests a creative and sensitive nature, and also improves the problems of insomnia.

Orange is stimulating and happy, and restores interest in life by transforming the spirit, being antidepressant as well.

Green is the color of nature and vegetation and for this same reason it is associated with tranquility, harmony and with the pleasant and healthy, and also for all this symbolizes hope and money.