Trends of Winter Handbags

Each year, with the arrival of winter, we observe different trends in handbags.

bolsos invierno

The winter fashion , totally opposite to what we see in summer, is accompanied by new trends that have reached the bags.

If you are somewhat confused about what are the news and features that have come in this winter of 2018, then we explain everything you need to know.

Strong commitment to animal engraving

If there is a trend that has marked the handbags in this winter of 2018, above all others, that is the animal print . In clothing we can see all kinds of animal prints which are used to decorate skirts, dresses, shoes … and of course, has also expanded to handbags.

There are two animal prints par excellence in the new range of bags from : the snake and the crocodile . Less frequently, you can also see the zebra and the leopard, being more typical in clothing.

Dark tones

In this winter, the vast majority of handbags that you will see will have a dark tone . Trend are burgundy, brown and reddish. Although all kinds of colors can be seen, almost all will tend towards black. The more lively ranges of other years, now tend to darken to give a more elegant and serious image. The bright colors are more typical of summer so they are somewhat removed in the colder months.

A very used complement together with these dark colors are zippers . It will be very common to observe them in different exterior pockets and, in addition, their appearance to create different compartments, serve as a decoration. They are usually placed in golden tones, like the rest of the metallic components of the bag. In the winter fashion of 2018, the metallic color in gold will be the most used for the small details.

It will also be common to see that these zippers end with a fringe tassel , made with the same skin as the bag. It is a very simple way of giving an unattended and daring look to the bag, so that it is not an excessively serious complement.

Crowd of models bag

In addition to the typical shoulder bags or shopping type that we see year after year, this time have come with strength bags shaped backpack . There are many women who are more comfortable hanging their bag from both shoulders instead of just from one, carrying all the weight on one side.

If you like to carry your things on your back but you did not find the ideal backpack, now it will be much easier . Surely you are tired of seeing sports backpacks, ropes, schoolboys … but no elegant to carry your most personal items. Now you can buy a bag that you can carry hanging as it is typically carried on the shoulder but with the capacity, and enough buckles, to place your wears so you can hang it from the back.

Another type of fashionable leather bag for winter is the convertible shoulder bag . The shape that will be most commonly seen this winter is square or slightly rectangular. They are small bags that are used more frequently in special events in their hand mode, but can be used on a day to day basis when we turn them into a bandolier.

Fashionable handbags have the versatility of being able to become bandoleras with the simple act of placing a handle on the side buckles that they usually have. It is a way to do more like the handbag.

Combination of leather and suede

Although the material par excellence is the skin, well we already know all its properties, if there is another that is also used, that is the ante . It is used primarily to complement the external view of the bag, to improve its appearance.

Example of this combination is the leather bag with details in suede that can be purchased in blue, mustard, gray, black, leather, red and green … a variety of shades for you to choose the one you like the most. A shopping style bag in which you can take a lot of objects to your place of work or wherever you want.

These are the two exterior materials that are played at , because all the others do nothing except subtract quality from the bags . You can buy a leatherette bag or other similar item at a really good price and also have some beauty, but you should know that you can never bring the same as the skin. If you really want a good bag, invest, bet on a slightly higher price but get a high quality product.