We analyze leather Handbags

In no woman’s wardrobe background may be missing, at least, a leather handbag .

Shoulder strap

It is a typical complement that we see every day and that combines in a very simple way with almost all kinds of looks.

The bandoliers are a ‘garment’ to wear more than we use in any comfort to carry our most necessary belongings. Its origin is far from the use that is given today, has gone from being a complement of war to one of fashion. Next we will talk much more about the origin of this complement, the details that can incorporate, to whom it is directed, some special model and much more …

Origin of bandoliers

The bandolier is defined in the dictionary of the RAE as a “strap that crosses the chest and back from one shoulder to the opposite hip and serves to hang something.” This was used in its origin, mainly hanging a weapon given its use in the military world several centuries ago. While it is true that the military route was not the only employee, as the bandoliers were used to carry any type of objects , but the use in war was the main one.

Although this type of bags has been used for centuries, it was not until the 70s when they really became fashionable as a complement when dressing. There were many women who wore on their shoulders a leather shoulder strap as a fashion accessory to carry their most important belongings by hand.

It is real that its use has not been so high since then as in that decade, but it is common to often see this type of leather accessories as a purse.

It should be noted that over the years its definition has seen something modified since it is not only used crossing, but many people hang it on the same shoulder .

Who uses the bandolier

Bandoleras, due to their small size, are mainly seen in women of simple style, who do not want to risk too much with their image. However, this is not as simple as it seems and it could be a convincing idea if the design of the bandoliers was always simple but it is not.

You can find leather bandoliers of any style , from the simplest models to the most colorful and different, and of course, you can also find very elegant bandoliers. For this last, the details in materials such as gold or silver metal are the main ones chosen to give a more impressive image.

Leather bandoliers in brown or black tones can also be seen in men. In the male sex is not the most usual use of bags to carry accessories as they fill their pockets with the objects they need, however, a small portion of men do use bags. When they have to choose between one type or another of this add-on, most opt ​​for bandoleras.

Details that incorporates a shoulder strap

The bandolier is made up of different parts that form it together.

On the one hand is the handle , which we can adjust to different heights depending on the height and the desire to place the bag at waist level, the hip, longer … The material for this portion can be metallic, in fabric or OK to combine both.

On the other side, we have the interior , a portion that is normally covered by textile so that the objects are covered. If your belongings were directly in contact with the back of the skin, it would be too aggressive for them, hence the reason for adding a textile portion.

The most common is that this part has different compartments , either using spacers or pockets in which to store the smallest objects.

Last but not least, on the contrary, there is the external part . In that portion is where the bandolier becomes an attraction for everyone. In this case we focus on skin bandoliers because it is one of the best, if not the best, material we can find.

Thanks to the use of this material, when purchasing a leather handbag, you will be buying a bag for ‘a lifetime’. If you take good care of your purchase, the bandolier can continue to be used as if it were newly purchased. Having a minimum of care when it comes to cleaning and when you are going to store for a season, you will have a bag for time .

An exclusive leather handbag model

In our bag shop, you can find different trendy leather bandoliers, but in this blog post we will focus on a special model: the padded leather handbag and double zipper .

It is a bandolier that you can find in beige, navy blue, broken white and black . Its metal chain has a strip of skin the same color as the bag; This chain can be used or kept to give a different use to this bandolier, turning it into a handbag.

Its interior is divided into two compartments , with independent zippers, as well as having interior pockets to store more delicate belongings. But what most attracts the attention of this bag is its padded exterior . It gives a great presence to the bandolier, very elegant, in combination with the metallic details in golden color.

You can buy this leather handbag made entirely in Italy from an unbeatable price that is accompanied by a high quality. This same characteristic is fulfilled by the rest of bags, they are made in Italy with an exclusive design by the hand of highly specialized craftsmen.

In addition to this handbag with padded leather and double zipper, you can find many more bandoliers and other types of leather bags and backpacks. If you really want a quality leather bag , look through all the different models to find the one you like best.